Frequently Answered Questions

What is the age requirement of Electric Karnival ?

Electric Karnival is an 18+ to party, 21+ to drink event


What time does Electric Karnival start ?

Electric Karnival is 12 hours of None Stop pumping!  We open the gates promptly at 11:00am and go right through until 11:00pm where we beeline to our official afterparty!


Do I need ID ?  / I’ve Lost My ID.

Government issued ID is required to get into the festival. No exceptions.


Do I need to buy a parking pass

Limited paid parking will be available by the Virginia Key Park Trust.


Is the Re-Entry into the festival ?

Electric Karnival is an all day experience and we thrive to provide everything you need that day.. food, drinks, activities and amazing music!  Unfortunately, we cannot allow re-entry into the event but we’ll make sure you have an amazing time once you’re in!


Do you have tickets in stores ? Where can I find tickets ?

We have over 200 EK ambassadors around the world ! If you have been in contact with your ambassador feel free to reach out to them for your tickets. Online tickets will be on sale and our Florida ticket outlets are listed on this link.


Do you have shuttle service 

We have party buses leaving from Gainesville, West Palm Beach, Orlando and Tampa. Please check the tickets page for details.  If you are leaving from the Miami / Dade area, we strongly suggest taking our official ride sharing service Uber so you won’t have to worry about parking or driving under the influence.


Does the bar accept credit cards ?

Our bars accept both cash and credit cards.

We will also have an ATM machine onsite.


What do I wear to Electric Karnival ?

Electric Karnival is the manifestation of the amazing cultures that makes Miami our home. Whether you celebrate Carnival, Karnival or come to Rage, come comfortable, vibrant and ready to party. Please note that  you will be outdoors in a grassy field all day so be creative and dress accordingly!


Can we wear Kandi or bring Totems to Electric Karnival?


Be creative to find and express your crew with your awesome Totems. Please make extra time accommodations as your Totems and Kandi will have to be professionally screened by our security staff so we all have a safe and enjoyable experience.


Can I take a backpack with me?

For everyone’s safety you will not be able to take a backpack with you to Electric Karnival.


Are Camelbak’s allowed in Electric Karnival? 

Empty reasonably sized Camelbak will be allowed into the festival. Please give yourself enough time for your Camelbak to be thoroughly inspected by our trained security staff.


What is Electric Karnivals drug policy?

Electric Karnival does not endorse or condone the use of illicit substances at the festival. Please obey the law and be aware that law enforcement officers will be on site.

What if I need help at Electric Karnival?

Feel free to reach out to any of our clearly identified Electric Karnival staff if you need any Assistance. We have a medic on staff as well as convenience services such as ATM machines and mobile charging stations.


Lost and Found

During the Event, lost and found will be located by the merchandise center


Still have questions ? Feel free contact us